If your looking for a swallow this one will be easy to find! The most widley distributed and abundant swallow is found just about everywhere in North  America.   -Breeds across North America and south to central Mexico. Prefers more agriculture areas or under bridges and under eaves of houses. -Length: 6-7 in -Lifespan: Up to […]

  The European-Bee Eater Can be an aggressive Mate! Known for dive bombing its mates from above, commonly breaking twigs branches the female perches upon.   Breeding Fact: During courtship, the male feeds large items to the female while eating the small ones himself. Most males are monogamous, but occasional bigamy has been encountered.     Breeding […]

Check out these big feisty birds. Good Thing they mate on the Saltee islands of Ireland, The rest of the world doesnt need to know about this kind of saltee behavior.

What a peculiar look this Green Nape lory is making before his normal mating rituals, Looks like voices aren’t the only these parrots seem to copy and repeat. -Size:11in -Food: Bird Food -weight:5oz

Ostrich(Struthio camelus) Wow look here at the largest bird in the world, Even he has to put on a show to get his red neck puffed up! A fun fact about the ostrich, is they are one of few birds that secrete urine separately from the poop. -Breeding season begins in March and ends in […]