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Barn Swallow Mating.

Barn Swallow’s

If your looking for a swallow this one will be easy to find! The most widley distributed and abundant swallow is found just about everywhere in North  America.


-Breeds across North America and south to central Mexico. Prefers more agriculture areas or under bridges and under eaves of houses.

-Length: 6-7 in

-Lifespan: Up to 8 years.

-weight: (17-20 grams)


European-Bee Eater


The European-Bee Eater Can be an aggressive Mate! Known for dive bombing its mates from above, commonly breaking twigs branches the female perches upon.


Breeding Fact: During courtship, the male feeds large items to the female while eating the small ones himself. Most males are monogamous, but occasional bigamy has been encountered.



Breeding Region: Southern Europe/North Africa/ Southern Asia.

Size: Can reach a length of 27–29 cm (10.6–11.4 in)

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Green Lory Loverbirds!

What a peculiar look this Green Nape lory is making before his normal mating rituals, Looks like voices aren’t the only these parrots seem to copy and repeat.


-Food: Bird Food